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My former employer to give physicians incentives to use IT.

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Feb• 08•06

General Electric (my employer between 2002-2004) unveiled an interesting program named ‘Bridges to Excellence.’  This program will compensate participating physicians up to $50 per patient in exchanged for instituting IT systemts for patient records, electronic prescription writing, etc.  GE estimtates that the $50/patient figure will be about half of the projected savings from the project. 

  • For more information on GE’s Bridges to Excellence, check out the Wall Street Journal article “Effort Is Widened To Reward Doctors For IT Investment” from May 2004. 
  • Francois de Brantes is leader of the Bridges to Freedom Project.  He recently made three suggestions for health care reform on Matthew Holt’s blog (thehealthcareblog.com). 

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