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British Columbia mulls over expansion of private health insurance

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Feb• 15•06

While most Americans envy the Canadian single payer system, Canadians may be looking south for inspiration to reform their health care system.  Today’s Vancouver Sun reports that:

British Columbia’s Liberal government is launching a sweeping review of medicare, promising to let citizens decide if they want a health care system that might feature even more private clinics…

The government’s announcement came the same day B.C. [British Columbia] doctors chose private medicine pioneer Dr. Brian Day their nominee as 2007-08 president-elect of the 60,000-member Canadian Medical Association, a powerful lobby organization. The B.C. doctors’ choice must still be confirmed by the CMA’s general membership.

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia has a nice article summarizing the differences between the “Canadian and American health care systems…”

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  1. […] On February 15th, Health Care Economist reported on British Colombia’s attempts to reforms its health care system.  Now the Canadian province of Alberta is proposing its own reform as well.  The CBC in “Alberta’s ‘Third Way’ could mean health-care showdown with Ottawa” reports that: Under the so-called ‘Third Way’ patients will be allowed to pay cash for some surgery. But the reforms revealed on Tuesday will also allow doctors to practice in both the public and private health systems – and that’s where the threat to the CHA, something Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeatedly promised to uphold, comes in. […]