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EconBrowser – Jim Hamilton’s Blog

Jim Hamilton, one of my professors, has a great blog which analyzes current events from a macroeconomic point of view (Econbrowser.com). For instance, in the post “Just how implausible is a gasoline tax,” Hamilton reviews a NYT article which states that while 85% of Americans oppose a gas tax, 59% would support a gas tax […]

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Anne Frank House director weighs in on social insurance

Cornelius Suijk is a hero.  His family was one of the many Dutch Gentiles who secretly housed Jews during World War II.  After the war Mr. Suijk met with Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father who lived in Switzerland.  Mr. Frank and Mr. Suijk became friends and eventually Mr. Suijk was charged with heading the Anne […]

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H&R Block misfiles taxes?!?!?!

H&R Block, one of the largest tax services businesses in the United States, has incorrectly filed its taxes in 2003 and 2004.  The tax error understated H&R Block’s tax liability by $32 million.   Oh the irony!!!  Check out the complete article in BusinessWeek (“H&R Block falls on 3Q results, tax issue“).

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Center for Practical Health Reform’s take on High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)

On The Health Care Blog, Brian Klepper of the Center for Practical Health Reform weighs in on his opinion on HDHP (“Can Consumerism Save Healthcare?“).  A few of his major points: Imperfect Information still a problem: HDHP’s force consumers to absorb a portion of the health care cost and thus these individuals should shop for […]

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Alberta trying proposes a ‘Third Way’ in managing health care among resident

On February 15th, Health Care Economist reported on British Colombia‘s attempts to reforms its health care system.  Now the Canadian province of Alberta is proposing its own reform as well.  The CBC in “Alberta’s ‘Third Way’ could mean health-care showdown with Ottawa” reports that: Under the so-called ‘Third Way’ patients will be allowed to pay […]

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