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Corruption in the FDA

Pharmaceutical companies spent hundreds of millions of dollars in order to gain FDA approval for their products. A biologist at the FDA headquarters makes between $38 and $86 thousand.  The diffeence between these two sums is emormous; thus, it would not be surprising if the FDA was ripe with corruption. Sure enough, the New York […]

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Dubai Healthcare City

My friend and General Electric financial analyst Matt Janner is currently working in Dubai.  He has sent me some wonderful articles about the emirate and one of its newest investments: “Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).”  Here is a brief summary of what I have gleaned from these articles. Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities […]

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Marketplace: “One home, Two nations”

Today, most news sources’ headline story was “The Day without Immigrants.” From Los Angeles to New York to my hometown of Milwaukee, thousands marched to protest proposed immigration laws. NPR’s Marketplace radio show (“One home, Two nations“) has a wonderful portrayal of two friends–Francisco Castro and Luis Molina–and their decision of whether or not to […]

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Corruption, not Terrorism cause of poor Iraqi Medical Care

Zeyad is a Baghdad-based dentist, and the author of the Healing Iraq blog. In his post on The Guardian website, Zeyad describes how corruption is siphoning off medical supplies from physicians who need them for patient care. Even in areas where terrorism is not a problem, the health care is still abismal. Zeyad states: “The […]

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