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Do female physicians capture their scarcity value? The case of OB/GYNs

In one 1998 survey, 52% of patients preferred a female gynecologist while only 4% preferred a male gynecologist (44% expressed no preference).  If the healthcare market were competitive, the high demand for female gynecologists would lead to higher fees for female doctors (in the short term) and more female physicians entering the gynecology specialty (in the long […]

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Eye of Newt

Ever wonder what Newt Gingrich is up to?  You may be surprised to learn that he’s working to change healthcare in the U.S.  Mr. Gingrich has founded the Center for Health Transformation.  On the Consumer Health World Blog, Gingrich proposes dividing Medicaid into 3 different programs. Capabilities Program – This program would help both Americans […]

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FairTax Proposal

The current tax system is complex.  If a researcher would want to correctly model the current tax system, they would have to take into account the myriad of deductions in the federal tax code (e.g.: Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, mortgage interest deduction, etc.) as calculate these deductions for each type of household.  […]

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