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California wants government-provided health care

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Jan• 04•07

The San Fransisco Chronicle reports (“Poll…“) that “eight out of 10 voters statewide believe government should be responsible for assuring all Californians get access to affordable health coverage, according to a new Field Poll.

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  1. […] The Orange County Register had an interesting column in this Sunday’s paper. The article discusses the Field Poll which I mentioned on Thursday (”California wants…“), and concludes that Californians’ wish to have government-provided health care will lead to a Canadian-style system.  Below is the article written by senior editorial writer Steven Greenhut. “I was in Edmonton, Alberta last October speaking to a Canadian journalists’ association. The mostly lefty journalists there to a person agreed that there are enormously long waits for basic services in Canada. That didn’t stop the journalists from supporting the socialized system. One told me that the year long waits…was proof of how efficient the Canadian system is… . His point: There is too much excess in the U.S. system while in Canada only those who really need procedures get them. Under such thinking, then, the Soviet system was the most efficient system of all… […]