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Cavalcade of Risk #17 is up

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Jan• 17•07

The latest edition of the Cavalcade of Risk is up at David E. Williams’ Health Business Blog.

  • Check out an interesting post at InsureBlog which asks why there are so many uninsured when Medicaid supposedly covers most individuals who earn less than 2 times the poverty line.
  • I also enjoyed the clever idea of Bryan Fleming’s million dollar savings club.  My own back of the envelope calculation find that if you save $1/day, invest $1/day and give away $1/day, you will reach $1 million dollars in financial asset in 37 years (with a 4% savings return and an 8% investment return) or in 32 years (with using 5% and 10% returns instead).
  • Finally, if you need some motivation to try something new, Brian Kim’s article explains how an old dog can learn new risks.

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