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VA Played Fast and Loose With the Facts

Written By: Jason Shafrin - May• 18•07

The VA has often been held up as an example as to why a centralized health care system works well. An interesting post from The Sentinel Effect looks at a North Carolina’s The News & Observer column (“VA Overselling its medical care“) stating that the VA system results are not as good as they claim.

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  1. Sandip Madan says:

    I think we are drawing the wrong conclusion here, i.e., that a centrally run healthcare system does not actually run as well as claimed. Instead, I’d think that the current administration has shown ineptness and inability to govern well (e.g., Katrina, conduct of the Iraq War, US Attorney firings, and yes even Walter Reed) while hyping its achievements.

    The current VA situation is merely another offshoot of this Administration’s shortcomings, and not an indictment of centrally run healthcare. If you find a lot of overhyping prior to 2001 then I can be persuaded otherwise.