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NYT Magazine: The Money Issue

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Jun• 11•07

This Sunday’s New York Times’ Magazine has a bunch of interesting, non-technical articles about income inequality.

  • Should we globalize labor too? “[Development Economist Lant Pritchett] likens the limits on labor mobility to ‘apartheid on a global scale.'”
  • The Inequality Conundrum.  Roger Lowestein discusses the age-old debate between equity and efficiency.
  • Larry Summer’s Evolution.  “The history of progressivism ‘has been one of the market being protected from its own excesses,’ Summers says. ‘And I think now the challenge is, again, to protect a basic market system based on open trade and globalization, to make it one that works for everyone or for almost everyone, at a time when market forces are often producing outcomes that seem increasingly problematic to middle-class families.'”

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