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Private Health Insurance and Administrative Expenses

When I pay for health insurance, is most of my monthly premium going for medical care?¬† Or does most of the money go towards administrative expenses and insurance company profit? John Aloysius Cogan Jr. of the Regulating Health Insurance blog finds that most of the money spent on insurance premiums in fact goes towards providing […]

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Health Wonk Review is up

The Anti-Halloween edition of the Health Wonk Review is up at Insure Blog.

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Survey Measures of Risk Aversion and Prudence

Can we estimate risk aversion and prudence using a survey question for the general public? This is what a paper by Eisenhauer and Ventura attempts to do. Methods In the 1995 Survey of Italian Households’ Income and Wealth, one question asked: You are offered the opportunity of acquiring a security permitting you, with the same […]

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