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March Madness Calvalcade of Risk

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Mar• 12•08

The very cleverly formatted March Madness edition of the Cavalcade of Risk has been posted at Regulating Health Insurance.

This website received both a #2 and a #6 seed. Henry Stern of Insure Blog deservingly received a #1 seed for his insightful piece on Alzheimer’s disease. Would you get a genetic test for a predisposition to Alzheimer’s knowing that there is no known cause of Alzheimers, and that there is no cure for Alzheimer’s?

My March Madness upset special is the fifth seeded Colorado Health Insider. This post discusses the pros and cons of Congress’ decision to compel insurance companies to put mental health coverage on equal footing with physical health coverage.

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  1. hgstern says:


    Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words and the link!

    Have a great weekend!