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Choosing a Medicare Part D plan

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Jul• 10•08

As I noted in an earlier post, choosing a Medicare part D plan is difficult.  However, there are resources to help people choose a Medicare Part D plan based on which prescriptions they are taking and where they live.  Medicare has its own Personalized Plan Search.  The private sector also has come up with user-friendly ways to search for the best health care plans.  MedicareSaver has an easy-to-use plan selector which also includes a video guiding you along the site.

With Health 2.0 gaining strength, choosing a health insurance is not as difficult as it once was.

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  1. Thank you for your coverage of MedicareSaver.com.

    I’d like to add that in addition to using the latest technologies such as the video guide to make the site easy to use we also have detailed monthly cost listing with graphs, because sometimes the timing of the payments is as important as the total cost itself.

    In addition our site also automatically searches for lower cost medications whenever you do a plan search; another way to help you lower your payments.

    Also, traditionally many people choose a plan not ideally suited for them because the are not aware of drug restrictions associated with the plans. We provide detailed restriction information and also provide a head-to-head comparison with the lowest cost unrestricted plan so you can decide if the savings is worth the restrictions.

    Our automated enrollment further reduces the work and stress in enrolling Part D plan.

    Post-enrollment our system continues to work on your behalf, we can notify when lower-cost drugs are released or when plan pricing cha