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Cavalace of Risk is up

The latest edition of the Cavalcade of Risk is up at Colorado Health Insurance Insider.

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The success (or corruption) of Microfinance

This blog has repeatedly reported on the success of microfinance organizations such as Nobel-prize-winner Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Bank and ACCIÓN (see 26 Mar 07 and 26 May 06 posts). Up to this point, the organizations who have worked to make loans to the world’s poor have been nonprofit organizations. Now, however, The Economist reports (“Doing […]

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Heckman’s “Econometric Causality”

Nobel laureate James Heckman has a nice summary of how applied econometricians and policy researchers should define causality. Some of the more interesting points I have excerpted below. On the source of randomness in a sample “One reason why many statistical models are incomplete is that they do not specify the sources of randomness generating […]

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