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Breaking News: A New President and a New Cavalcade of Risk

Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States.  Whether you are for or against Obama, this is a historic day.  It is the first time an African-American has been elected president.  Coverage of the election is below: Reactions from Around the World – N.Y. Times What the World Expects – BBC News Headlines […]

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Who is going to win the election?

Well its election day here in the  U.S.   As an engaged citizen, I encourage you to vote.  As an economist, I know that your vote will not matter. Anthony Downs looks at the irrationality of voting and claims that the probability that your vote will matter, that it will itself determine the outcome, is in […]

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Health Services Research Data

Are you looking for health services research data?  How can you leverage your knowledge for interdisciplinary research? AcademyHealth has a useful website called HSR Methods which will help you answer these questions.  Most importantly, there is a list datasets researchers can use.

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Health care in Massachusetts

Readers Digest has a nice piece on how universal health insurance is working out for people in Massachusetts.  “Massachusetts put into practice the health care solution everyone is arguing about. Here’s how it works and what it means for the rest of us.”

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The busy person’s presidential election guide

Everyone wants to be a knowledgeable voter.  Yet your life is busy; you work, or are in school, or have kids. There is only one day left before the election.  How do you choose your candidate? For health related issues, I of course recommend reading a post from this blog. But what about other issues? Fortunately, […]

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