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Resource: State Coverage Initiatives Website

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Jan• 08•09

Wisconsin’s Medicaid plan covers children from 0-5 years old whose parents have income below 150% of the poverty line.  Sixty percent of Massachusetts residence receive coverage through their employer compared to 53% nationwide.  Forty-six percent of Californian firms with less than 50 employees offer health insurance compared to the national average of 43%.

How did I know these facts?  Am I a genius?

No, I used the State Coverage Initiatives website provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  The website has a nice summary of each state’s SCHIP, Medicaid eligibility rules and well as graphs showing where individuals do (or don’t) receive insurance coverage.

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  1. China says:

    This site is a really handy sort of cheat sheet, quite helpful. Thanks so much for the link.

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