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CoR: 3rd Anniversary Edition

The third anniversary edition of the Cavalcade of Risk is up at InsureBlog.

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Loan Forgiveness

The N.Y. Times recently reported that the recession has threatened many loan forgiveness programs.  Loan forgiveness programs are common for nurses and teachers.  This made me think, why would a firm offer loan forgiveness instead of higher wages? Cost of capital. Businesses may take advantage of lower borrowing costs.  “After-loan” wages would be higher for workers if businesses […]

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That sucking noise: Taxpayer bailout dollars for the now bankrupt GM. GM Bankruptcy on retiree health benefits: Imagine the city larger than Peoria, Illinois losing health insurance. Japan has its first trade deficit in 28 years. Ranking Health Insurers. Bet on your life, win cash.

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Why is Medical Care so expensive?

Why does Medicare spend $7,500 for patients in El Paso, Texas but spends $15,000 for patients in McAllen, Texas?  It McAllen richer? Does McAllen receive better care?  Are patients sicker in McAllen?   “Come on” the general surgeon finally said. “We all know these arguments are bullshit.  There is overutilization here pure and simple.”  Doctors, he said, […]

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