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Certificate of Need Laws and Cardiac Surgery

Certificate of Need (CON) were enacted in order to try to stem the wave of increasing health care costs. In order for hospitals or other providers to expand or build a new facility, CON requires these organizations to get prior government approval. The logic was that when providers expanded medical facilities, supplier-induced demand would increase […]

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Quotation of the Day

“…the lessons of history makes me mindful of a lesson I learned as an operations-research student at the Naval Postgraduate School some years ago. While trying to develop a mathematical model to explain the complexities of naval warfare, I realized that it was simply impossible to develop the perfect model. No amount of mathematical artistry […]

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Friday Links

Jacob Hacker thinks Co-ops have “have little chance of offering the broad choice of providers and portable, standardized, nation-spanning coverage that a national public plan offers.” Health Care is a right: An Interpretation through Dance.   Rules for Re-writing. HMOs can reduce defensive medicine without tort reform.  PPOs cannot. Tort reform may not be cost effective.

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Ten questions to ask your doctor

After viewing a cute ad, I went to the AHRQ homepage.  The agency gives a nice list of 10 recommended questions you should ask your doctor. Additional questions directly pertaining to specific types of care are also available. What is the test for? How many times have you done this? When will I get the […]

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Baseball Inspired Health Wonk Review

The Boys (and Girls) of October edition of the Health Wonk Review is up at MedicaidFirstAid.

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