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Average Salary of Recent Economics PhDs: 2009

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Jan• 15•10

In the past, this blog has reported the average salaries of recent economics PhD graduates.  For Econ PhD graduates in 2009, we can update these figures as follows using more recent data.  For instance, below are the average (median) starting salaries of recent economics grads by the type of institution by which they were hired.

  • University: $92,600 ($89,500)
  • College: $77,100 ($70,000)
  • Policy/Applied Research: $85,800 ($90,000)
  • Central bank: $105,700 ($110,000)
  • Private Firm: $115,500 ($120,000)

Of the people in the survey, the percentage of individuals who accepted jobs at the following types of institutions were:

  • University: 63.6%
  • College: 8.6%
  • Policy/Applied Research: 10.2%
  • Central bank: 6.2%
  • Private Firm: 11.4%

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