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Is licensing tax preparers a good idea?

The USA Today writes that “the IRS has proposed a broad initiative that would require hundreds of thousands of tax preparers to register with the government, pass a competency exam and adhere to ethical standards.”  This sounds like a good idea as it will safeguard individuals from unscrupulous tax preparers.  But who will this truly […]

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California’s Current Health Insurance Market

The California Healthcare Foundation looks at the latest health insurance trends in the nation’s most populous state. In California, like in many states, there is a blurring line between what defines an HMO compared to other forms of health insurance.  Almost all insurance carriers now offer “a broad array of products, some of which do not […]

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AEA 2010

The American Economic Association annual meeting will be in Atlanta this year.  Joseph Stiglitz will give the keynote address on “Homoeconomicus: The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Economic Theory.”   I will be attending the conference from January 2 to January 5.  Posting will return after I return.

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