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In honor of the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl victory, all health care related posts have been suspended for the day.  Instead you can learn about: The Packers fourth Super Bowl victory in franchise history. Aaron Rodgers being named the Super Bowl MVP. Injuries couldn’t derail the Pack. Charles Woodson’s impassioned halftime speech. The Green […]

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On Being Sane in Insane Places

Can you tell if someone is insane?  Maybe, maybe not.  On the other hand, can you tell if someone is sane.   Are these questions the same? Let’s be more specific.  Can you identify a insane person while walking around your neighborhood?  On the other hand, could you identify a sane person in a psychiatric […]

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Health Wonk Review: Stormy Weather edition

The latest edition of the Health Wonk Review is up at Workers’ Comp Insider.  Check it out!

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Thursday Links

The real CSI. A side effect of health reform. The Path Not Taken on Dialysis. 78% of Americans support EHR. Demand-induced supply. The real cause of the Egyptian protests?

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Oregon’s Test of Value-Based Purchasing

More quality at lower cost has been the mantra of payers for many years.  But how do we make  this goal a reality? Value-based insurance alters cost sharing structure so that beneficiaries have low levels of cost sharing for cost-effective services and high compayments for low value items.  I report by Joan Kapowich (2010) looks […]

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Repealing the Mandate: What does it mean?

On Monday, a federal judge in Florida declared that the individual mandate in the health reform law is unconstitutional. Some people are excited; other are not.  What does this mean for you?  Today I will explain. Why is the individual mandate so important? As part of health reform (PPACA), insurance companies can no longer adjust […]

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