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Friday Links

Blood test with no blood? When should a city declare bankruptcy? The Republican Health Plan. Healthiest counties in every state. Do smoking bans decrease drinking in bars? Does being promoted make you healthier?

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Healthcare Spending in Indonesia

A recent J Health Econ paper describes the changes to the system of public health financing in Indonesia.  Today, I review this article. Public Health Expenditures in Indonesia In the Suharto Regime, district health offices implemented centrally determined policies, and “a large network of public health clinics (puskesmas) was set up to deliver primary outpatient […]

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Cavalcade of Risk – Healthcare Mandate Edition

Ken Faulkenberry of Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP) Blog makes his CavRisk hosting debut with a great edition of the CoR.

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All-or-Nothing P4P

Many of Medicare’s value-based purchasing (VBP) initiatives offer a continuum of rewards based on provider performance.  Whereas all-or-nothing VBP initiatives only grant bonuses to providers who exceed a single threshold, the Medicare VBP programs–such as its hospital VBP program–reward hospitals based a value-based modifier that is proportional to its quality score. One of the reasons […]

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Are nurse practitioners cost effective?

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are non-physician clinicians that can often either assist or directly provide primary care. Some studies have found that NPs can independently manage 80 percent of patients’ primary care needs. Other studies show that NPs provide high-quality care. A recent article, however, suggests that NPs may not be cost effective.  This is a curious […]

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Halbert White, Jr., 1950-2012

On Saturday, UCSD Economics Professor Dr. Hal White passed away after an extended struggle with cancer.  This is a sad day as Hal was one of my former professors.  Here is an except from obituary written by Dr. Jim Hamilton regarding Dr. White’s work. Hal was one of the world’s leading econometricians. One of his core beliefs […]

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