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Variation in Healthcare Spending: Medicare vs. Private Insurance

Is regional variation in health care spending larger for Medicare beneficiaries or those enrolled in private health plans? Before answering that question, one should better understand the sources of this variation.  Regional variation in spending can be due to variation in the utilization, variation in prices, or both.  A paper by Philipson et al. (2010) […]

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Cavalcade of Risk #180: Now online

Michael Stack hosts this week’s collection of risk-related bloggetry. From geography to hoarding, you’re likely to find something that piques your interest. Yours truly even leads it off. So head on over!

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Do Erectile Disfunction Drugs Cause more STDs?

Erectile Disfunction (ED) drugs, such as Viagra, have become increasingly popular.  However, there may be a downside to these drugs.  People who use ED drugs generally have higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  Are these elevated rates of STDs due to the drugs themselves, the behavior they induce, or are the people who use […]

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Shapley Value

  What is the Shapley Value?  The Shapley value determines the relative importance of different individuals within a cooperative game.  For instance, who is more important: the owner or the workers?  Without an owner supplying capital, there would be business to start.  Without workers to produce goods, there would be no output to sell.  Thus, […]

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