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Your Daily Shower Can Kill You

Julie Ferguson of Workers Comp Insider hosts this week’s clean – but potentially deadly – roundup of risk-related posts at this week’s Cavalcade of Risk. This post’s title relates to Jared Diamond’s NYT article.

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Cancer Incidence and Deaths in Europe

Which cancers have the highest incidence rates in Europe?  Which ones cause the most deaths?  According to an article by Karim-Kos et al. (2008), here is the answer:

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Long-Term Care in 5 European Countries

Trends in long-term care spending and use has been rising over time.  The graphs below, from Nadash et al. (2012) demonstrate this trend between 2000 and 2008. Annual Expenditures Long-Term Care Expenditures   Annual Enrollment in Long-Term Care Programs Today, I review the long-term care systems in five European countries: Austria, England, France, Germany, and […]

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