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Cost of Cancer in Europe

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Oct• 23•13

In 2008, 2.45 million people were diagnosed with cancer and 1.23 million died because of cancer in the European Union (EU). What is the economic burden of cancer?  A paper by Luengo-Fernandez (2013) aims to estimate just this quantity.  They find that:

Cancer cost the EU €126 billion in 2009…Across the EU, the health-care costs of cancer were equivalent to €102 per citizen, but varied substantially from €16 per person in Bulgaria to €184 per person in Luxembourg…Lung cancer had the highest economic cost (€18·8 billion, 15% of overall cancer costs), followed by breast cancer (€15·0 billion, 12%), colorectal cancer (€13·1 billion, 10%), and prostate cancer (€8·43 billion, 7%).

The map below describes how the cost of cancer varies across countries as a percentage of national GDP.



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