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End of Week Links

eHarmony for Healthcare. Biggest healthcare stories of the summer. Do Economists Care? Concussion watch. Bedbugs take over NY (not what you think)

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Pharmaceuticals in China

As China is now the second largest economy in the world, spending on medical services and medications is also growing. Pharmafile reports: China is positioned to become the second-largest pharmaceutical market, after the US, by next year, according to healthcare analysts IMS Health; meanwhile, by growing an estimated 15% to 18% annually, the organisation says […]

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CoR #216: The End of Summer Edition

Tim Dodge of iiabny makes a fine CavRisk debut with an impressive and eclectic collection of risky posts – everything from stolen kayaks to legalized marijuana. You can find the posts here: 

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Do we need to go back to PHRs?

There has been lots of public outcry for integrated, interoperable electronic health records (EHR).  Having EHRs silos makes it difficult for physicians, hospitals and other providers to share information with one another and with patients.  However, there is one benefit of these silos; any data breach will be somewhat contained. Are data breaches of EMRs a problem. […]

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