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Weekend Reading

How high are adverse events rates? Do MTM work? Immigration status and the ACA. Factors NICE considers when making health technology appraisals. How expanding Medicaid affects the use of inpatient & ER sevices.

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Funding for Digital Medicine on the rise

What is digital health?  Although a single definition is hard to fine, digital health uses data collected from patients to improve care.  Mobile health, the use of electronic medical records, the “quantified self” movement and various forms of health information technology all count as digital health. Is digital health just a fad or will it revolutionize health […]

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Visit your doctor whenever you like

Typical hours when illness strikes is 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  In the US, typical physician hours are 9-5, Monday through Friday. Although this is changing (CVS Minute Clinics have Saturday and Sunday hours), it is still difficult for individuals who are work and are ill to see a doctor without taking […]

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CoR #218

David Williams of the Health Business Blog hosts this week’s abbreviated – but meaty – Cavalcade of Risk. From child-proofing your vacay to unique weorker’s comp risk calculations, you’re sure to find something interesting

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