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WTP to reduce mortality risk

How much would you pay to live longer?  Most people would say an infinite amount.  In practice, however, this is not the case.  For instance, you can drive slower to reduce your risk of a car crash.  In this case, you trade off your time with your probability of death.  Or, to continue the care […]

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What are cure fraction models?

Many people are familiar with survival models. Survival models measure the probability of survival to a given time period. The “problem” addressed by these models is that some people are “censored”, in other words, the do not die in the sample time period. Although longer survival is good in practice, for statisticians it is problematic […]

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Disability Benefits Around the World

In a series of papers, Coile, Milligan and Wise look at Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World. In the sixth installment of the series, the authors look specifically at disability programs. Although stereotypically one would believe that most people exit the workforce due to choice and rely on Social Security, job pensions, and […]

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Start of Year Links

I’m headed off on a week of vacation starting on Saturday.  Blog posting will resume Jan 12.  Before I leave, here are some more interesting reads to start off the new year. The global pharmacy. New year’s resolutions and wearable tech. 87% of exchange customers eligible for subsidies. Cancer deaths down 22%. Is most cancer due […]

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