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The cause of drug violence

According to one former police officer, the effect of drugs themselves are not the main cause of violence: …drug users aren’t responsible for violence–high people just want to enjoy their high.  Drug violence is business violence….the largest causes of drug murders are territorial disputes over market share.  If no one will help you defend your property–you can’t trademark […]

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Billionaires List

Forbes came out with its list of richest people in the world.  Bill Gates tops the list, but we don’t care about that here at the Healthcare Economist.  Which people in the healthcare industry are the richest?  The top 5 include: 44. Dilip Shanghvi (India): $20 billion 96. Patrick Soon-Shiong (US): $12.2 billion 99. Stefano Pessina (Italy): $12.1 billion 149. […]

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King v. Burwell

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments in King v. Burwell.  The plaintiffs argue that the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) does not permit subsidies to individuals if they receive health insurance from a federally-run health insurance exchange. Why would they argue this?  Well, Section 1401(a)(2)of the law says that subsidies would go only to […]

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Measles kills more kids that AIDS

Globally, measles is a significant killer of kids and the threat is growing in the US as vaccination rates decrease.  Citing a Global Burden of Disease study published in the Lancet, Wonk Blog reports that in 2013 measles killed over 82,000 children under age 5.  This puts measles as #7 on the list of the top causes […]

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