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2015 Medicare Advantage Enrollment

Written By: Jason Shafrin - Sep• 28•15

About two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaires are enrolled in tradiational Medicare FFS, but the remaining thrid is now enrollingin Medicare Advantage plans.  Which plans are dominant?

The following figure from Avalere provides a breakdown.

Medicare enrollment 2015

Note that this figure obscures significant regional variation in plan market share. For instance, Kaiser Permanente has almost half (48%) of the MA market share in California, but doesn’t rank in the top five plans in either Florida, New York, Texas or Pennsylvania. Although United Health has fairly wide geographic coverage, Humana is the market leader in the southeast. In Florida, for instance, Humana has 37% MA market share. Further, in Pennsylvania, UPMC (15%) and Geisinger (7%) have significant market share in their state, but little is all other states. Despite the growth of large national insurers, there are still significant regional variation in plan market share.

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