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Convenience improves adherence

This is one of the goals of Appointment-based medication synchronization (ABMS).  These systems vary in their implementation but they have three common features: All medications refills come due on the same day of the month. Pharmacies place regular call to remind the patient to fill their prescription, typically 5 to 7 days before the scheduled pharmacy visit […]

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A super EMR?

Sources of health care data are proliferating.  The previous standard–medical charts–are being augmented with information from digital sensors, patient reported outcomes, and genetic information. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that information in one place?  That is what Salesforce is thinking.  Fortune reports: Salesforce announced on Wednesday a new patient relationship management platform that […]

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Mid-week Links

Accounting and Obamacare. Blood test for cancer relapse. Short titles. Cause of RA illness severity? Harvard’s health plan.

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