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Wages and Benefits

For the past few years, some economists have claims that increases in income inequality are due to increased cost of employee benefits such as health insurance.  For instance, let’s say that health insurance cost $10,000 per worker.  Workers with a wage of $20,000 have total compensation of $30,000 including benefits, and workers with wages of […]

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Share of Small Employers Offering Health Insurance

Although the ACA certainly expanded health insurance coverage, mostly through subsidies, creation of insurance exchanges, and Medicaid, small businesses generally did not expand coverage.  A RWJ report from Lucia et al. (2015) used MEPS-IC data to track insurance offering among businesses with fewer than 50 workers. Part of the reason is the rise of health insurance […]

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Friday Links

Can antidepressants cure cancer? Dieselgate and cancer. New approach to breast cancer “treatment”? What’s all the hype about big data in healthcare? How well do you choose your health plan?

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