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Providers move into digital health

Marketplace reports: On a recent visit to the hospital, Riley, who is five years old, swallowed a tiny white pill with an embedded sensor – roughly the size of a grain of sand. When it reached her stomach, it sent a signal to a patch she’s wearing on her skin and alerted her parents and […]

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Impact of Brexit on Pharma

There is a lot of talk that Brexit will be a disaster.  While I believe that much of this disaster talk is overblown, there are clear business implications.  Pharmafile provides an example of how Brexit would affect a small pharmaceutical company conducting clinical trials in the UK. In the latter case, UK-based pharmaceutical companies with no other […]

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Incentives for investing in “off label” trials

Aaron Carroll of the Incidental Economist draws on a column from his colleague Austin Frakt in The Upshot to explain why there is not more research into off-label uses of patented or generic drugs.  

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