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Machine learning and physician employement

An article by Ajay Agrawal and Avi Goldfarb (“The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence“) provide an interesting perspective on how machine learning will affect employment with a nice example from the health care sector. All human activities can be described by five high-level components: data, prediction, judgment, action, and outcomes. For example, a visit to the […]

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Health care spending hits 17.8% of GDP

The annual health spending numbers from CMS’ Office of the Actuary (OACT) show that health care spending is increasing as a share of national income.  A study by Martin et al. (2016) estimates that health care spending now makes up 17.8% of the U.S. economy, by far and away the largest percentage in the world. […]

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Friday Links

The expanding role of MAs. Did the ACA affect breastfeeding rates? Hospital ownership of physician practices. Elephants, poaching and evolution. FDA and Ecstasy. Plus, the one and only Hank Stern hosts the Health Wonk Review: Puppies and Kittens edition.  Check it out!

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