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What is the value of a QALY?

Many new treatments deliver significant benefits to patients.  In many cases, however, the new treatments may be more expensive.  How do we know if a treatment is worth the cost? Cost effectiveness analysis helps us answer this question.  Cost is fairly easy to calculate but benefits are more complicated.  A treatment could extend a person’s […]

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Cardiologists, oncologists decry travel ban Treating chronic illness. Pancreatic cancer breakthrough? Statins can treat cancer? Cancer screening and cost sharing. The problem of polypharmacy.

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End of Life decisions

Netflix has a very interesting documentary on end of life decisions.  Do you put your loved one on a ventilator, extend their life, but perhaps increase their suffering?  Or do you let nature take its course, but potentially lose time you could have with your loved one.  These are not easy decisions and one that the documentary […]

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