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Friday Links

Why high stock prices is not good news. Why health care policy is hard. Economics and animals. The source of the Obamacare exchange problems. Defining success or failure for Obamacare.

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Does value vary by stakeholder perspective?

According to Innovation and Value Initiative Executive Director Darius Lakdawalla, the answer is yes.  Here is his interview response on AJMCtv.

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Why people don’t like the Affordable Care Act?

The reason may be the exact problem that the ACA was trying to solve.  The ACA was trying to increase the affordability of health care.  They did this in part through the creation of the exchanges and patient subsidies.  However, premium rises have been double digits for multiple years and amount patients have to cover […]

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Medical school with no lectures?

Med students in Vermont rejoice!  The Washington Post reports: When the University of Vermont’s medical school opens for the year in the summer of 2019, it will be missing something that all but one of its peer institutions have: lectures. The Larner College of Medicine is scheduled to become the first U.S. medical school to […]

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