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U.S. Healthcare Spending

The CMS Office of the Actuary released their 2016 estimates for U.S. health care spending.  We’re getting close to health care taking up 18% of the economy. Total nominal US health care spending increased 4.3 percent and reached $3.3 trillion in 2016. Per capita spending on health care increased by $354, reaching $10,348. The share of gross […]

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Will MIPS work?

CMS in the past was on a value-based binge. They aimed to reward physicians based on quality of care (PQRS), based on cost (a component in the value modifier), based on use of EHR (meaningful use bonuses).  However, this imposed a large reporting bonus on physicians, pulling them away from patient care.  To solve the […]

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Webinars for IVI’s Open-Source Value Project

On November 8th, the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) launched a new effort to help redefine the way we measure value in health care: the Open-Source Value Project (OSVP). A first-of-its-kind effort that engages all health care stakeholders in an open process to advance the way we measure value in health care treatments and services, […]

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Health insurance expansion and physician supply

When new bills pass in Congress or state legislatures that expand health insurance coverage, most researcher look at the demand side effect.  How does the insurance expansion affect the number uninsured?  How does it affect access to care?  How does it affect out of pocket cost? What is less frequently studied is the supply side […]

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CVS-Aetna merger

Many of you have already heard the news: CVS is buying Aetna for $69 billion.  As the New York Times reports: Together, the companies touch most of the basic health services that people regularly use, providing an opportunity to benefit consumers. CVS operates a chain of pharmacies and retail clinics that could be used by […]

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Inequality in mortality is not as bad as you think

There have been numerous articles (e.g., Krugman in the NY Times) stating that disparities in life expectancy is growing.  It is known that income inequality has grown in recent decades but some claim that health inequality is also growing.  Janet Currie argues that the truth is not as bad as you think in a forthcoming article […]

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