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Pension Obligations by State

Detroit recently declared bankruptcy. But it may not be the last state or municipal government to do so.  Many states are not fully funding their pension obligations to state workers.  How much money do state residents need to contribute to fully fund their state’s pension obligation? According to a study by Novy Marx and Rauh, […]

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Healthcare for Hospitals

Benefits are taking up a continually greater share of employee compensation. This trend is as true for hospitals as any other industry. Keenan Health Care summarizes some recent trends for California hospitals. According to a survey of 83 California health care organizations (representing 219 hospitals): Benefits represent 28% of the employee compensation for the average […]

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Health Insurance Premium Growth

Health Insurance premium inflation is back.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation Employer Health Benefits Survey 2011, health insurance premiums for single individuals was $5,429 for single individuals and $15,073 for a family plan.  Premium growth for single and family plans was below 6 percent per year over the last 5 years (2005-2010). However, between […]

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Employers Pushing Healthier Living

“This isn’t about big brother telling people what to do,” says John Rice, GE’s vice-chairman, “but helping them make better choices.” The Economist reviews large employers efforts to improve employee health and thus decrease their own health care costs.  Some of these efforts include: Prohibiting smoking on company premises Handing our healthy recipes Building on-site […]

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Eligible FSA expenses

Which expenses are eligible for you flexible spending account (FSA)?  Find out here. Some changes for 2011: “Beginning January 1, 2011, OTC medicines and drugs will no longer be eligible for reimbursement under your health flexible spending account (FSA) unless prescribed by a doctor (or other individual who is legally authorized to issue a prescription) in […]

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