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Webinars for IVI’s Open-Source Value Project

On November 8th, the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) launched a new effort to help redefine the way we measure value in health care: the Open-Source Value Project (OSVP). A first-of-its-kind effort that engages all health care stakeholders in an open process to advance the way we measure value in health care treatments and services, […]

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Why “value” is central to true health care reform

Morning Consult has an interesting piece from Mark Linthicum, the Director of Scientific Communication at the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) titled “Why Understanding Value Is Central to True Health Care Reform“.  In the piece he argues: The true problem is that dollars are poured into a system without any clear understanding of how worthwhile […]

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Do the US and UK health care systems have anything in common?

The United Kingdom’s National Health Services provides universal health coverage at not cost to patients.  On the other hand, in the U.S. not all people have insurance, and further insurance can be provided by public entities (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid), private and employer-provided health insurance, and other sources.  Whereas the NHS system is highly centralized, the U.S. […]

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The Case For Patient-Centered Assessment Of Value

Value assessments are all the rage these days. From ASCO to ESMO, from MSKCC to AHA/ACC, from AMCP to ICER, there are a variety of value frameworks (and acronyms) out there. In the Health Affairs blog today, Alan Balch and Darius Lakdawalla make the case that treatment value should be measured from a patient-centered approach. […]

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Applying Cost Effectiveness Analysis to all Health Care Interventions

That is the topic of a Health Affairs blog post published today by James Baumgarder and Peter Neumann.  An excerpt is below. Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) is an important tool for assessing and pointing the way toward better health care efficiency. The number of published CEAs on health care interventions has blossomed, averaging 34 per year […]

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