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Does adherence information affect physician decisions?

According to a recent study of patients with hypertension, the answer is yes. The study by Kronish et al. (2016) used a cluster randomized trial design made up of 24 providers and 100 patients.  Half of the providers were randomized to receive received a report summarizing electronically measured patient adherence to their blood pressure regimen as well as and recommended clinical to […]

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How does market structure affect technology adoption?

The answer: more competition leads to more technology adoption.  This is the finding from a study by Karaca-Mandic et al. (2016).  They use data from 100% Medicare claim in 2003 and 2004 as well as linked information on hospitals [American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Survey] and physicians [American Medical Association (AMA) Masterfile]. Competition is measured two […]

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FDA to Consider Patient Preferences

Typically, the FDA evaluates drugs and devices based on whether they are safe and effective. Patient treatment preferences play little to no role in whether a drug or device is approved by the FDA. However, times are a changing. On Wednesday, the FDA released draft guidance whereby they recommend the inclusion of patient preference information […]

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Does your FitBit need to be FDA approved?

Right now, the answer is no, but in the near future, this may no longer be the case. The FDA has released a draft guidance on how it will regulate the new generation of wearable technology.  This guidance  says it will not regulate “general wellness” products like the FitBit. However, if the wearable cites health benefits for […]

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