In the Economist as one of the top 94 online influencers on the debate about Obama’s healthcare reform (9 September 2009).

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Profiled on the Money-Rx Blog on 15 October 2007.

Ranked the #2 Specialized Economics Blog of 2006 by The Bayesian Heresy website.

Top 3 Health Site as determined by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

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Cited in the Nov/Dec 2007 edition of Contingencies. Joe Paduda’s article (“Health Care Reform, Ready or Not“) in the American Academy of Actuaries magazine, Contingencies, cites statements made on this blog.

“Jason Shafrin probably isn’t the wealthiest health care blogger, but this kid may be the smartest.”

“Jason’s blog is quite good; heavy on the policy side (no surprise there) with several excellent summaries of data-rich topics such as price elasticity of employer-based health insurance. I recommend it to fellow policy wonks.”

…Jason Shafrin, at the Healthcare Economist has a just excellent article about why P4P isn’t enough and implicitly why we need budget and supply constraints to get health care costs under control.

I recently stumbled onto e-utopia for fellow nerds seeking thought provoking tidbits on healthcare policy, the health insurance market and economics. The Healthcare Economist has the tag line ‘An unbiased look at today’s health care issues’ but I prefer ‘The make Jessica think without overwhelming her blog’ – one cannot find enough such places in life.

Hat tip to Jason Shafrin, who has a very good blog.

Jason Shafrin always asks great questions and provides even better answers at ‘Healthcare Economist.‘”