Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Access to Oncology Care

Oftentimes, health services research measure access as the distance between a patient and the nearest provider of a given type (e.g., hospital, physician).  This issue of access is particularly relevant for individuals with cancer, since cancer care typically requires supervisions from specialist oncologists.  In most cases, health services researchers assume that individuals located far from […]

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Does expanding insurance coverage improve access to care?

Although Health Reform did little to reduce the cost of health care, it did make significant strides to expand access to care.  For low-income individuals, the increased access comes along two dimensions: expanded Medicaid eligibility and increased physician fees.  Specifically, Health Reform required to Make all individuals with incomes below 138% of the Federal Poverty […]

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Social Networks and Access to Care

On the news yesterday that Microsoft purchased a 1.5% stake in Facebook for $240 million, social networking appears to  highly valued commodity. “…[T]he strength of social networks among Mexican-Americans is positively related to access to care.” Is this true? That is hypothesis that a recent NBER working paper by Roan Gresenz, Escarce and Rogowski attempt […]

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