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Brazil’s Health Care System and the World Cup

The World Cup starts June 12 in Brazil.  Although the event is sure to draw attention around the world, protesters have taken to the streets demanding that Brazil use the money for these events to improve the countries, health care and education services it provides to its citizens.  Brazil’s projected budget for hosting the World […]

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Brazil’s Health Care System

Today, I will review Brazil’s health care system. According to the Economist: “Created in 1989 from the merger of two state systems, one for those in formal work and the other for everyone else, it is exceptional in Latin America, which by and large continues with the two-tier public system Brazil abandoned. The 1988 constitution […]

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Unintended Consequences: Brazil’s Bolsa Família Welfare Program

Brazil’s Bolsa Família program has been help up as one of the great social welfare programs.  It has been a model for Mexico’s own Oportunidades social welfare program.   The Wilson Quarterly reports that the 44 million poor Brazilians who participate in this program receive payments of up to $104 a month for sending their children to […]

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