Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Do safety net hospitals provide care strategically?

It is widely known that safety net hospitals provide less intensive care than hospitals whose patient base is mostly commercially-insured.  One question is whether safety net hospitals discriminate the care provided based on their patients insurance status.  In other words, do commerically insured individuals who visit safety net hospitals receive more care than patients treated […]

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Can searching for aliens improve breast cancer detection?

The answer is yes. Project Phoenix is the name of the SETI Institute’s research project to search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Project Phoenix uses the world’s largest telescopes (40 to 300 meters in diameter) to scrutinize the vicinities of nearby, sun-like stars. Moffitt researcher John J. Heine, Ph.D., adapted signal detection computer algorithms developed at the […]

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Algorithms to Predict Breast Cancer Stage

Cost effectiveness and quality analysis of the treatment of cancer has long been a goal of health services researchers.  In particular, researchers aim to determine whether various treatments provide cost-effective methods to improve longevity and quality.  Physicians, however, use different treatments depending on the patient’s cancer stage.  Although most cost-effectiveness researchers want to take into […]

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