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Should the CDC warn Americans about a ‘potential’ epidemic?

Although at first glance, the answer would be ‘yes’, the answer is not so straight-forward.  Consider the case of the recent H7N9 influenza outbreak in China.  Although the media gave some coverage to this issue, the risk of a pandemic was not emphasized. The reason may be Bayesian updating.  Previous influenza threats in recent years […]

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Why are there so few vaccine suppliers?

In many cases, only a handful of suppliers produce vaccines for a given disease.  In fact, for several vaccine types the U.S. has fewer suppliers than countries with a smaller market and a higher level of government purchase. One reason for this finding could be strict government regulation.  All vaccines must be approved by the […]

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H1N1: Do I have it? Do I need a vaccine?

Two weeks ago, the U.S. government released its H1N1 vaccine to the public.  Many people have had a number of questions about whether or not they should get the vaccine.  The CDC website has a list of Key Facts and a Q&A section that is helpful.   There are five major groups who should have […]

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