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U.S. Ranks 47th in Infant Mortality. Why?

This is according to the CIA World Factbook. Why does the U.S. rank so high?  Is it due to the health of the mothers?  More premature babies being born (thus meaning that the average birth in the U.S. is more complex)?  Or is it the standard of medical care? A website on evidenced based maternity […]

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California Health Care Almanac

The California Health Care Foundation (CHCF)’s Health Care Almanac provides some unique insights on trends in health care quality in California and for the United States as a whole.  Many of the national figures for the Almanac come from the CDC (BRFSS and Vital Stats) and AHRQ’s National Healthcare Quality Report.  California quality figures come […]

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Midwifery-Promoting Public Policies and Health Outcomes

Many health care policy researchers believe that non-physician clinicians, such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners and midwives can help to reduce cost while maintaining quality. Midwifery has gained in popularity over recent years. Groups such as the American Public Health Association, Public Citizen and the National Organization for Women all support increased access to midwifery […]

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