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Health issues and occupational hazards plague Santa

A commentary article by Straube and Fan (2015) in the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology finds that Santa Claus faces serious health problems both at home and at work. The commentary points out transportation issues Santa Claus faces on delivery night, such as the lack of seatbelts and airbags, and whether or not Rudolph’s nose provides sufficient light […]

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Avoid Christmas Health Hazards

The BBC gives 10 tips to stay healthy over the Christmas holiday.  Five tips in particular to  pay attention to include: Do not wash your turkey before cooking. Inspect your Christmas tree lights Monitor tea lights to prevent fires Drive safely to your Christmas parties Watch the kids.  Makes sure they do not swallow tree […]

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Is Santa a bad role model?

Santa Claus is bad for your health. At least this is what researchers from the British Medical Journal conclude. Why is this?  Let me summarize: Smoker: Santa often smokes a pipe on holiday cards. Drunk Driver: The tradition of leaving Santa a cup of brandy led one mother to worry “that my kids are going […]

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