Unbiased Analysis of Today's Healthcare Issues

Egypt: Six Months Later

A lot has changed since I last visited Egypt in early January and since the protests in Midan Tahrir in mid-January.  According to Marketplace, one thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible amount of bureaucracy which still exists in the country. So here’s the crux, according to Ragui Assaad, a fellow at the Economic Research […]

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On Corruption: Quotation of the Day

“Outside my study window in London stood an old hawthorn tree enveloped in a massive growth of ivy.  Over the years the tree had become an ivy bush in the shape of a hawthorn tree and I saw it as an image of what corruptions does to a country.  Mobutu’s rule in Zaire seemed like […]

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Informal Payments in Public Healthcare

Healthcare Europa reports that despite being in a public healthcare system, many physicians receive informal payments to supplement their income. “The top doctors, the ones in managerial positions in hospitals, make 5-10 times their monthly salaries of Euros 1,000 to Euros 2,000 from informal payments. They will also take bribes on any new equipment or […]

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