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Patient Engagement in Cost Effectiveness Research

Cost effectiveness research aims to determine if the benefits of a treatment outweigh the cost.  But which benefits should be included?  How should we weight improvements in different outcomes?  What data and methods need to be used to measure benefits and costs? These are questions that academics typically think of as within the domain of […]

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What is the value of a QALY?

Many new treatments deliver significant benefits to patients.  In many cases, however, the new treatments may be more expensive.  How do we know if a treatment is worth the cost? Cost effectiveness analysis helps us answer this question.  Cost is fairly easy to calculate but benefits are more complicated.  A treatment could extend a person’s […]

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Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine

How do you do cost effectiveness the right way?  Peter Neumann–a colleague of mine at Precision Health Economics–edits a book to explain how to do just that.  Neumann and Gillian D. Sanders, Louise B. Russell, Joanna E. Siegel, and Theodore G. Ganiats have produced a second edition of their classic text Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine.  The […]

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