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Value-Based Payments and Incentives to Improve Care

Please check out my latest publication in Value in Health titled “Value-Based Payments and Incentives to Improve Care: A Case Study of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Medicare Advantage“. This work is based on research conducted with my co-authors Jesse Sussell, Kata Bognar, Taylor T. Schwartz, John J. Sheehan, Wade Aubry, and Dennis Scanlon, […]

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P4P and Diabetes Care

In April 2006, Ontario instituted the Diabetes Management Incentive (DMI) that increased payments to physicians that provided high-quality diabetes care. Did the incentive improve payments quality? According to a paper by Kantarevic and Kralj (2012), it turns out that the answer is yes, but the magnitude of the change depends on the type of physician. […]

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