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How much does a hospital stay cost?

A paper by Geue et al. (2012) attempts to answer this question by examining five different methods of estimating the cost of a continuous hospital stay (CIS). Each method is discussed below in more detail. Costing Methods

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What is the difference between DRGs, AP-DRGs, and APR-DRGs?

DRGs measures case mix for inpatient admissions. One question is how to define a more severe case.  Six dimensions along which case mix could be measured include: Severity of Illness. Extent of physiologic decompensation or organ system loss of function. Risk of Mortality. Likelihood of dying. Prognosis. Probable outcome of an illness including the likelihood […]

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Costing Methods

How do hospitals estimate the cost of different inpatient stays?  A paper by Clement et al. (2009) reviews 3 techniques: Microcosting. “With microcosting, a detailed list of each component of a patient’s care is created and costed separately for each facet of a patient’s hospitalization. Given the level of detail, microcosting is generally considered the […]

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